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1994 Republican Senate-House Dinner/Aka President's Dinner

1995 Republican Senate-House Dinner/Aka the President's Dinner

1996 Republican House-Senate Dinner/Aka the President's Dinner

1997 Republican Senate-House Dinner

1998 Republican House-Senate Dinner

2000 Republican House-Senate Dinner Committee; the

2001 President's Dinner Committee

2002 President's Dinner Committee; the

2003 President's Dinner Committee


Alan Keyes for U.S. Senate

Alex Brown Incorporated Political Action Committee

American Association of Physicians from India Political Action Committee

American MacHine Tool Distributors' Association Political Action Committee

American Preventive Medical Association PAC

Association of General Merchandise Chains, Inc. Political Action Committee (AGMC); the

Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees Inc Political Action Committee Akfcf PAC

Astle for Congress

Barbara Kreamer for Congress

Barve for Congress Committee

Metro Business Network